Considering the needs of environment we are trying to limit our negative impact. We conduct operations aiming at supporting our clients and users of our products for making responsible and environmental friendly decisions. Confirmation and consummation of our commitment in preservation of environment is the granting of ISO14001 certificate. The ISO14001 is the international standard for organizations, which allows to control and improve environmental operations thanks to the implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS).

ISO 14001

The scope of introduced by TelForceOne ISO14001 concerns:

  • development of environmental policy,
  • identification of environmental aspects and influences
  • planning of environmental policy execution methods
  • implementation of control measures and environmental risk reduction
  • EMS efficiency evaluation and improvements
  • senior management review of EMS

The policy of the quality of environmental protection in consumables:

Policy text:

  1. Reliability of offered consumables.
  2. Following trends in correlation with customers’ requirements, opinions and suggestions.
  3. Meticulous choice of suppliers.
  4. Optimisation of production, environment, and security processes.
  5. Constant improvement and consistent realisation of aims quality management systems based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements.
  6. Professional training and consistent raising of awareness of employees, who are our greatest potential.
  7. Complying with legal and other requirements relating to operation of the company and environmental aspects.
  8. Preventing environmental pollution and limitation of negative influence on environment by:
    • waste segregation and recycle of waste
    • preventing and effective reaction in case of accidents and dangers