Trade credits

Trade credit limit is determined by the customer’s credit risk analysis and the prospective sales cooperation needs. Trade credit limit can be increased together with the growth of cooperation with TelForceOne S.A.

We reserve the right to grant or determine a trade credit limit depending on the opinion of an external company specialised in credit risk analysis and insuring trading credits, which may indicate longer waiting time for credit decision. A customer may submit an deferment payment application after double cash purchase (advance payment, cash payment).

A customer submitting a Trade Credit Application shall be verified by Biuro Informacji Gospodardczej. In case of appearance of negative credit data of a customer, his Trade Credit Application shall be rejected. Please, make sure you have submitted all needed documents to your Sales Representative at TelForceOne; which will ease and quicken the procedure of granting trade credit. Granted trade credit is active on obtaining of signed credit agreement by TelForceOne.

If a customer is delaying in payments for TelForceOne SA, his orders and sales shall be withhold until payments are made. Please, consider that the date of payment is the date of crediting the Seller’s account or the date of cash payment (when payment is made via bank transfer) to TelForceOne. Trade credit limit can be also decreased or withdrawn, if a customer will not make payment in due date.

To examine TelForceOne’s Trade Credit Application, a customer shall submit the following documents:

TelForceOne’s Trade Credit Form

Trade Credit Application

Registration documents ­ valid transcript from the National Court Register issued not longer than 3 months ago or certificate of entry in the business activity register (depending on the legal form of a company), Certificate of Tax Identification Number, and REGON Certificate.

List of documents