CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about the sustainability of our organisation, our employees and the environment in which we operate. For us, corporate social responsibility means not only social commitment, but also the responsible creation of an offer that has an impact on the environment. This forms the basis of our responsible business.

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Putting our energy to good use is a priority for us, which is why we regularly channel it into aid and charity work.

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"Come on, let's help!" is an action we organized in cooperation with the Iskierka Foundation. For several weeks our team fought for increasing the pool of funds allocated to a selected hospital. Each step was converted into a specific amount and brought us closer to the grand finale - the purchase of drips for the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Katowice.

TelForceOne we care about the environment we care about the environment

Every year, our employees take part in nationwide social events such as the Company Run, which brings together, for a noble charitable cause, thousands of employees from companies in various sectors.

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For us, corporate social responsibility also means creating a responsible offer.

The Force Light company's portfolio includes energy-efficient LED products for individual customers, and for several years, we have been introducing an innovative solution for large-footprint facilities.
It is a proprietary photovoltaic system that consumes energy "on the fly", without accumulation or the need for batteries. This means less energy consumption, lower waste production and longer light life. We use this patented solution at our headquarters in Wrocław.

Under the slogan: "We protect your phone, you protect the environment!" we are developing Bioio offer, which is a range of biodegradable GSM accessories.

Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. At the same time, we are paying increasing attention to environmental protection. In TelForceOne, we believe that using the benefits of technology and staying in harmony with nature is possible!

TelForceOne CSR Bioio
TelForceOne CSR Bioio


The Bioio line proves that organic materials can successfully be an ingredient used in the production of everyday objects. The stylish Bioio accessories are made from organic and/or recyclable materials. No environmentally harmful materials were used in their manufacture. They are sold in packaging that does not contain a bit of plastic.

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Fair trading practices


We have an AEO status, i.e. Authorised Economic Operator. As an organisation, we are recognised and treated by customs authorities as a reliable trader. The AEO status, granted by one Member State of the Union, is recognised by the customs authorities in all Member States.

Reliable Company

We are among the companies that have obtained the status of a Reliable Company, i.e. one that acts fairly when conducting its business. The Certificate of Reliability confirms the honesty, timeliness and reliability of our organisation.

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Commitment to people

Discoveries are made by people, which is why we believe that people are the most valuable asset in our organisation. TelForceOne employs over 500 qualified experts.

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