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TelForceOne get to know us

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500 experts

30 000 products on offer

240 own sales points

1000 orders daily

Why should you decide on your development in TelForceOne?

... because we have a reputation and we are known in over 50 markets worldwide.
We are one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of consumer electronics in Central and Eastern Europe. We act as a proven advisor in business development strategy for a variety of formats. We already work with over 40,000 business partners worldwide. Every day we greet them in more than a dozen languages.
... because we went from being a local supplier to a global player very quickly.
Our story began in Wrocław. We are still strongly connected to this city, this is where we are based and this is the main place where the people in our team live. Since 2001 we have continued to grow and today we can be proud of our international reach.
... because we supply products from the world's most dynamic industry.
We have learnt to recognise what trends are becoming global bestsellers, and our clients know that we are able to evoke the emotions that accompany each premiere.
... because our main strength in the organisation is our people.
In our company, they are qualified experts, passionate about modern technologies. The company knows that the best way to work is to be inspired by an engaged team, so it enables employees to develop and share knowledge through its #ForceOne strategy.
... because we are constantly learning from our customers and gaining new experience.
It is thanks to our clients that we have gained business proficiency in an international environment. By learning the specifics of more than 50 markets around the world, we have acquired the competence to build comprehensive solutions for companies, based on market practice and trust.
TelForceOne World

See where you can prove yourself and grow:

Sales We operate in the B2B sector. Building relationships with business customers is in our DNA. Test yourself in sales in diverse segments: retail, small and medium business, e-commerce. We operate on the Polish market and on 50 foreign markets, so you can talk about business in your favourite foreign language.

Product Watching over the product life cycle, staying in touch with innovations and technological novelties, gathering inspiration at the world's largest electronics trade fairs, conducting negotiations with suppliers, creating sales and influencing the marketing and promotion of a product category... such a complexity of activities is ensured by working in the area of product management.

Logistics and shopping In this area, we manage the supply chain, carry out purchasing activities, efficiently support sales and organise the life of the company so that every element runs like a well-oiled machine. Thanks to a process-oriented approach and analytical thinking, the departments responsible for operations and administration in our company stay ahead of the facts and react to signals both from the market and from other areas in the organisation.

Marketing This is where the creative energy boils over, giving rise to concepts, slogans, communications and projects, among other things. This department creates the company's and brands' communication strategy and online and offline product campaigns. You can develop both in the areas of product marketing, trade marketing, design and design, as well as PR and communications.

and finance
Financial operations, billing, preparation of transaction documents, controlling - these are the tools that provide accurate data and analysis to run a business reliably. Close minds and a love of numbers and Excel will do well here.

Warehouse Logistics and distribution management at various levels, from order picking to receiving deliveries and preparing international shipments - it is up to our employees working in this area to ensure that goods reach our customers on time.

The "#ForceOne" community

At TelForceOne we believe that everyone has a superpower that is special skills, unique abilities used at work, your talent. We call it #ForceOne.

How do we identify and develop your #ForceOne?

We help identify this unique skill in candidates and match them to our teams at the recruitment stage. We also take into account your preferences, mindset and personality traits. If you've been working with us for a while, we make sure to polish your super talent like a diamond. We know how to make the most of it. To this end, we organise training sessions, mentoring meetings, give you access to the latest press and books and exchange knowledge and news within teams.

TelForceOne get to know us

Our mission is not an empty slogan but a motto that guides us in our daily work:

We are creating a global company… We talk about ourselves by identifying with the company, the global reach applies to both suppliers and customers, we aspire to be a global player - online and offline, we have no complexes, we do not limit ourselves, we act broadly and ambitiously.
... which supports the business of its partners with courage and passion … Partnership applies to suppliers and customers, we respect business, we are passionate about the closeness and quality of cooperation, we are relational, courage also applies to growth, which we focus on by supporting, inspiring and multiplying the business of our partners.
... providing the latest mobile technology solutions. Solutions concern not only product novelties but also business ideas, concepts, IT methods of increasing volume, "the latest" means that we are always on time, we monitor market developments, we react quickly, mobile technologies define our direction of development for accessories and small electronics.

How do we translate our values into everyday work?


Respectis the basis for building mutual business relations, which we care about etery day. We listen carefully and meet the expectations of our clients.


We arecommitted to seizing the opportunitiesthat the market presents. We shareourpassion for newtechnologies with others.


We haveover 20 years of experience in the international market. We win awards for the business and the products we create. We aregrowing and ready for new market challenges.


We have knowledge and experience. Our team consists of several hundred qualified experts. We share our experience with colleagues and clients.


We focus on the high quality of the tasks performed and strive for perfection. When we encounter problems, we look for solutions.


Market challengesmotivateus to act and createindividualsolutions. Commitment, punctuality and enthusiasmare the featuresthanks to which we achieveour business goals.


We offer creative solutions. We compete thanks to our ingenuity and flexibility. We are proud of the successes we achieve.

in seven steps


Analysis of application documents. Send us your CV. We are curious about each person, their experience and their unique skills, so we are happy to read anything you want to share with us.


First contact. If you stand out from the crowd and fit into our current search, we will call you. You can expect a short conversation or an invitation to a meeting.


Meeting. Direct contact is the best opportunity to get to know each other. The interview takes place with a representative from the HR Department. All interviews are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual openness.


Recruitment task. If there's chemistry between us, we'll see if you think in a similar way to us. Therefore, we will ask you to solve a recruitment task.


Decision. If you prove to be an ideal candidate at all previous stages and are driven by similar values to ours, we will make you a job offer.


We act. Once we know we want to work together, we agree on a specific start day and ... GO!


... it’s not over! It is now our job to prepare for your arrival and provide you with a clear and substantive entry into our organisation. Feedback is an important part of our work, we respect your time, so regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, you will receive feedback from us.

Meet our Human Resources department

TelForceOne HR


An eternal seeker of new solutions. Curious and open-minded, she delights in the simplest things. Her head is always full of ideas - even on those cloudy days. A strategist with a plan for everything.

TelForceOne HR


Patrzenie biznesowe to jej klucz do połączenia potencjału i umiejętności kandydata z potrzebami firmy w zakresie zasobów ludzkich. Jeśli chcesz coś zmienić zapraszam do aplikowania.

TelForceOne HR


A woman with a heart on her hand - empathetic and tolerant to everyone she meets on her way. When necessary, she can look with the eye of a critic, but always of a constructive one.

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